That QUICK FIX you are looking for doesn’t exist!

Stop Spinning in Circles Wasting Your Time, Money, and Energy

The Focus Turbine Program Exists to Help You Find Focus and Gain the Momentum You So Desperately Need.

The Only Way for You to Jet Propel Your Business to the Next Level is to Stop Going it Alone, Hoping Things Will Change.

Instead, Finally Invest in Something That Will Actually Work.

It’s Time to Achieve Your Goals and Objectives.
It’s Time to Stop Swirling in Isolation and Join a Community.
It’s Time to Invest in Yourself and Join Us in The Focus Turbine!

the focus turbine

Too many solopreneurs find themselves tired, burned out, and still searching for success.

Unfortunately, too many people selling snake oil are more than willing to prey on this feeling and make big promises that don’t deliver.

Buying into these false promises has caused you to misuse your resources for far too long and has left you spinning in circles without any progress.

Stop being ripped off by fad of the day solutions sold by charlatans peddling quick fix elixirs.

Invest in a program that will help you gain the success you have always dreamed about. So, you can finally get the return you deserve from the time, money, and energy you have already sunk into your business.

Focus Turbine Membership provides the focus and support needed to grow a successful business. Learn how to properly utilize the tools and systems you need to gain focus and achieve the momentum you so desperately need.

This carefully curated community of supportive individuals will help you achieve the growth you desire in your business without exhausting your finite resources.

Connect to
New Ideas and
New People

Into Outcomes

Your Passion
In Your Dream

Become a Focus Turbine Member Today

“Dave truly ignites ideas and inspiration. You will learn from him and the others in the group. This is a unique concept offering a completely different experience. The effects and connections are lasting.”

Alison Tedeschi
Professional Organizer, HOME by Ali


“Dave makes complex and profound concepts simple and easy to act on.”

John Kevorkian
 Owner, Sprout RI


“I am so jazzed up about being a part of this program. It feels like I have a board of directors that actually want me to succeed and help me to do so.”

Gaelen Abt
The Style Sherpa


“The program really helped me focus on breaking my goals into small actionable steps. If you are feeling overwhelmed focusing on the big picture, then this is for you.”

Kelly White, Co-Owner
Connecting Hearts Travel

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The Focus Turbine
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Gain Focus by Exploring a Variety of Business Topics During Weekly Goal Implementing Sessions

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Dave Lubelczyk

I am Dave “The Brain For Rent”

Being a solopreneur, coach, and consultant for most of my career, I understand the feeling that there’s something bigger than you that you have to get out of your head, and how chaotic and exhausting it sometimes is to make it a reality. 

I am excited to have built a community where what you always dreamed of doing still matters and is possible. A place for people to embrace the conceptual chaos that swirls around in our heads in order to leverage it into fresh new ideas that will provide unique offerings for the world.  

I am called “The Brain For Rent” because I am not a solutions provider, but instead I am a partner who will help you think through your ideas to develop a strategy and then set attainable weekly goals to implement it.

If you have not been moving forward on your own then it is time to contact me for advice on getting the growth you have always dreamed about.

Are you ready to finally gain momentum and experience the growth you have always desired in your business?