Dave Lubelczyk | The Brain For Rent
The Brain for Rent

Many people spend their whole lives searching the universe for that “thing”. The one gizmo that makes the mundane, fascinating; the mediocre, extraordinary; and the intangible, reachable. 

Dave Lubelczyk | The Brain For Rent has made it his life’s quest to seek out that “thing”. To acquire concepts and ideologies from around the globe – both in the present and throughout history – in order to impart knowledge, experience and perspective on what it means to not just offer a solution, but to proactively strategize, utilize, and implement those solutions to their fullest potential. 

Equal parts explorer, alchemist, and mad scientist, Dave knows how to harness the powers of transformation and creation, guiding you out of the cogs of monotony and back to a turbine which creates real momentum. 

Dave understands how to maximize your business potential through creative strategy and bite-sized goal setting that is attainable. 

Over the years, Dave has served as a branding columnist, business author, brand strategist, idea incubation consultant, and President of the branding firm IMAGEidentity, LTD. For 30+ years, he has provided creative and consultation services to large corporations, non-profits, and small start-ups. 

Known for using his own creative blend of branding and organizational development, Dave knows how to inspire real creative strategies mixed with common sense solutions to foster exponential creativity which leads to tangible growth in his clients’ businesses. 

Dave’s book, MYOB: Mind Your Own Brand, is a collection of articles designed to spark a new mindset about brands and business. 

Dave also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Bryant University, and has completed many advertising design courses at Rhode Island School of Design.

Get back to what you’re passionate about. Stop allowing your challenges and concerns to take up so much space in your head. Open up more space, rent Dave’s brain and transform your business into what it always meant to be.