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Dave Lubelczyk | The Brain For Rent

Dave Lubelczyk “The Brain For Rent” is an explorer and alchemist, traveling this universe collecting knowledge and experience. Acquiring concepts and ideas from all over the globe and throughout history and making the connections between those ideas and the people who need to hear them.

Dave’s life quest is to build and inspire a community of people who embrace the conceptual chaos that swirls around in their head. He then encourages them to leverage it to create fresh new ideas and bring their unique offerings to the world.

Dave is not a solutions provider. He is the person who helps you think through your ideas in order to develop a strategy and then he helps you set attainable weekly goals. And while Dave can be the guy to dig people out of poor decision holes it’s much more cost effective and wise to use him proactively.

If you have not been moving forward on your own then it is time to contact Dave for advice on getting over the roadblocks.  He will help you convert those obstacles into actions, get you unstuck, and steer you towards success and growth.

Over the years Dave has been a branding columnist, business author, brand strategist, idea incubation consultant, and President of IMAGEidentity, LTD. For almost 30 years, he has provided creative and consulting services to large corporations, non-profit organizations, and small start-up companies. Dave is known for using his own unique blend of organizational development, brand incubation, and no-nonsense common sense to grow his clients’ businesses.

Dave’s book, MYOB: mind your own brand is a collection of articles designed to make the reader think differently about their brand. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Bryant University, and has completed several advertising design courses at Rhode Island School of Design.

If your business thinking has become dull and predictable I suggest a brainstorm session with Dave; you will leave re-energized and focused.”
– Justin Kerr, Brand Strategist, Designer, Pirate

“Dave blew up my thinking, adeptly pulling together several threads I’ve been considering into a big idea for my business”
– Susan J Preston, Creative Director at Clearly Presentable

The Brain For Rent

Dave Lubelczyk | The Brain For Rent

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