The Focus Turbine

Do you feel isolated and alone running your business?

Then the Focus Turbine program was designed for you. This program allows members to gain focus, share their experiences, learn from each other, provide support, and create opportunities for one another.

The membership is carefully curated to leverage the maximum impact a member has on helping to further the businesses of their peers.

During the weekly sessions members will explore a variety of business topics based on their specific needs.

The weekly takeaway is a clear set of action items that each member can immediately implement to grow their business.

The overall result of the program is to strengthen the member’s business strategy by maximizing the finite resources of time, money, and energy while expanding the networking and support ecosystem surrounding their business.

Membership Program Includes

Monday Mind Mingle
Weekly group goal setting video call with a focus on attainable short term goals that break down larger strategic goals into bite sized chunks

Friday Brain Dump
Weekly group video call with a focus on sharing the weeks success, failures, and best practices that members encountered during the week.

Weekly Strategy and Education
Prompts and questions to jumpstart the thought process.

Curated Advisor Tribe of Peers
Members will be periodically broken up into small groups of Advisor Tribes that are curated based on place in their business and current mindset. In those groups they will able to work independently on business challenges. Periodically the group can request Dave to join one of their calls to facilitate discussions.

Monthly Membership Cost

Introductory Rate 
$450 per month or $4500 per year

Standard Cost
$750 per month or $7500per year

(Savings Equals 2 months free with year membership)

Subscribe Yearly or Subscribe Monthly